Zandai Arabians has for many years been a source of blood stock for Arabian horse breeders around the world. Zandai Arabian's blood stock has been exported to Kuwait, Qatar, private studs of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Egypt, and the Royal Stables of Saudi Arabia and is used on prominent Egyptian Arabian breeding farms in the United States.

  • Zandai Aqir {Ansata Omar Halim x Ansata Exotica, born 4/10/1994} was exported to Spain in 1995, where he has been a successful sire at stud. He produced the S.E. mare Tejeda , who won Reserve Champion Mare at the Spanish Nationals in 2000 and 2003. Zandai Aqir later sired the stallion Ramino, who won multiple championships in Europe in 2006 including the European Championship at Moorsele, Belgium, and Reserve Champion Stallion at the El Ran Arabian Cup held at Rullingen Castle in Belgium. Ramino has since been imported to the United States. He is owned by Yeguarda Ferrero. Zandai Aqir is presently owned by Mr. Peter Stoessel and is standing at stud at Aqir Trading, S.L., Finca “Parnau”, E-17131 Rupia in Spain.

    The Zandai Aqir daughter, Aqir El Minal, bred by Aqir Arabian Farm won the three year old filly class at the Egyptian Event Europe 2008 and the Frankfurt Egyptian Classic, Frankfurt, Germany in 2008. The Zandai Aqir son, A. Rasin, stands at stud at D'Urgell, Lleida, Spain. He has been shown successfully at the Egyptian Event Europe. 

    The Zandai Aqir daughter, Aqir Egrabia, placed in the ribbons at the 2008 Mediterranean and Arab Countries Championship.

  • The black stallion Emir Khezar stands at Eulenhoff Stud Farm in Germany. Emir Khezar is grandson of Zandai Shabakah {Ansata Ibn Aziza x Shabakah, born 5/5/1993} sired by Zandai's foundation stallion, Ansata Ibn Aziza {Ansata Halima Son x Ansata Aziza, born 2/18/1981}. Emir Khezar was 2006 Champion Stallion at the Dillenburg Show in Germany.

  • Zandai Abu Ziedan {Ibn El Mareekh x Ansata Dia Halima, born 5/26/1995} (see Nagel, Return "& Renaissance, p 236 for more pictures) was exported to Nejd Stud, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2001 by HH Prince Khalid Bin Fahad Ma Al Saud. He then went to HRH Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, Al Khaledieh Farm, Riyadah, Saudi Arabia.

  • Omar Sakr imported Zandai Arabia {Ansata Halim Shah x Ansata Exotica} to Egypt in 1995 from Zandai Arabians. Her son, Al Mokhtar Sqr, by Shaheen was shown successfully in the Egyptian Show of 2003. His daughter, Kahramana Badrawi, was the yearling filly class champion at the Egyptian National Show in 2003. His daughter, Nefisa Badrawi, did well in her showing in the El Zahara National Show of 2008.

    Zandai Arabia's next son, Ibn Arabia Sakr, was the Egyptian National Champion stallion in 2008. His daughter, Anbar Noor, was reserve champion filly at the El Zahara National Show of 2008. His daughter, Hebet Allah, placed in her class as well. At the 2009 Egyptian Nationals in Cairo, the granddaughters of Zandai Exotica, Nefisa Badrawi, Anbar Noor, and Hebat Allah Al Badawy continued their earlier show success, placing first or second in their classes.

  • The Zandai Riyala daughter, My Maaria, by Maarauder MH, was exported to Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 2008.

  • Zandai Arabians has also produced successful race stock. RCF Blue Moon, a 2000 mare out of Zandai Zafira, by Ansata Ibn Aziza out of Fawla (by Talal), raced successfully in Canada and the United States during 2005. She retired sound and now is producing future race stock.

  • The Imperial Imdal daughters Zandai Zarifa and Zandai Juraysah were recently exported to a private Kuwaiti breeding program by Mr. Mohammed S. Al Omar.

  • 2009: The Zandai Daliyah colt Jabhali MH has been sold to a breeding program in New Zealand. He is by the Rancho Bulakenyo stallion Jabbaar Elhalimaar MH.

    2009: Mr. Talal Al-Mehri has imported Zandai Nasiriya {Ansata Ibn Aziza x Ansata Damitha} to his breeding program in Kuwait. Nasiriya's daughter, EB Sahdiya, has been imported to Kuwait by Mr. Ayman Al Qattan. In addition, Nasiriya's daughter, MB Mikiya, has been aquired for the breeding program of Mr. Allam Ali Bayan, also of Kuwait. 

    2009: Zandai Nafiza 1994 grey mare {Ansata Omar Halim x Imperial Imballora}, won the Liberty Class at the 2009 XXX Spanish National Arabian Show in Segovia.

  • 2010: Rancho Bulakenyo, the most senior Egyptian Arabian horse breeding farm in the U.S., has incorporated the mares Zandai Jiradah and Zandai Mariyah into its program, producing offspring by Imperial Al Kamar.

  • 2011: The Zandai Aqir daughter Arabia won first place in the 2011 ECAHO show Arabequus.

  • 2012: The Ansata Zaafina daughter Zandai Daliyah has been acquired by the French breeding program of Al Maya Arabians, in Aix en Provence. 

    2012: Zandai Shahrafa has been selected for the breeding program at Safari Stud, Kuwait. She was shown at the 2011 Kuwait National Show, placing in the Top 5 Mare category.

  • 2014: Dr. Jodi Cruz  of  Rancho Bulakenyo has purchased the following  Zandai  horses to add to the growing herd at San Luis Obispo: Zandai Salima,Zandai Nile Thais, Zandai Lazaziah, Zandai Illaila Rubat, Zandai Nile Nijminah, Zandai Raia, Zandai Bint Assila, Zandai Umniyah, Zandai Sabah Al Khayr, Zandai Qaraa,Zandai Neferaita, Zandai Ayda, and Zandai Nile Habba.

  • 2015: Zandai Arabia continues to produce champions into the third generation. The Albaydaa Stud colt Fady Albaydaa was named Gold Champion colt at the Egyptian Event Europe and the Berlin Egyptian Cup. Their filly Nagham Albaydaa was named Gold Champion filly at the Rabab Show.

  • 2017: The Zandai name continues to glean awards in Egypt. The colt Fady Al Baidaa, out of the granddaughter of Zandai Arabia, Magda Saqr, was named 2016 Kuwait All Nations Cup Straight Egyptian Gold Championship Junior colt.

    2017: The Zandai name continues to travel the world. Zandai Rubat has been acquired by Abdulaziz Marzouq Faleh Alhubaini Alazmi for his breeding program in Kuwait. Josianne Klieber-Gosselin of Al Maya Arabians in France has added Zandai Nile Thais to her collection of Zandai horses.The mares Zandai Nile Nijminah, Zandai Neferaita, Zandai Bint Assila, andZandai Umniyah were acquired by Beate Spear and Sherif El Zorkany of Desert Pearls Arabians in Cairo Egypt.

  • 2017: Zandai Zavoniyah (Zandai Ibn Omar x Zandai Saouda) was awarded the championship title at the Palmetto Sport Horse shows of 2016. She was shown in the class “Sport Horse Mare in hand ATH”.

  • 2018: Six mares have been sold to Bint Ezz Stud, in Cairo Egypt. They are Zandai Nile Maqrada, Zandai Nile Zaafarana, Zandai Assila, Zandai Massouda, Zandai Nile Taali, and Zandai Nile Mariam.

    The mare Zandai Huriyah has been acquired by Dr. Jody Cruz of Rancho Bulakenyo, California.

  • 2019: The 2007 stallion Zandai Abu Fahd {Imperial Al Kamar x Zandai Rubayana} is shining in endurance racing. He recently competed in an AERC 50 mile endurance ride in Pennsylvania, tying for first place.

  • 2019: The Egyptian Arabian Horse breeding farm Bint Ezz Stud has added Jabbaar Elhalimaar, Zandai Djaida, and Zandai Nile Furayjah to its collection of breeding stock.

  • 2020: Zandai Janaan, Zandai Bint Aroussa, and Zandai Bint Kamar have been acquired by the Arabian horse breeder Tareq Kadah of Jerusalem Israel.

  • 2022: The mares Zandai Aqila, Zandai  Kamilah, and Zandai Bint Nadifa have been acquired by The Totah Ranch and  Al Asayel NT Farm.

  • 2022: The mares Zandai Aqila, Zandai  Kamilah, and Zandai Bint Nadifa have been acquired by The Totah Ranch and  Al Asayel NT Farm.

  • 2023: Nader Husni Total of Al Asayel NT Ranch has acquired Zandai Nile Faisal, Zandai Rueda, Zandai Rueda, Zandai Safiyah, and Zandai Turfa. 


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